It’s the year 2019 and the location is the United States of America. The major belief system is that of scientific beliefs and facts. Minor religions still exist: Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and so on.
      Our government is a congregation that has based it laws on science with no other religions considered. The government has put laws into effect that are ensured to create the perfect society.
       A specific set of laws concerning abortion are as follows:
      1) Any pregnancy that happens outside of wedlock must be terminated. It has been proven that children born to single mothers are worse off and become a burden for the society due to a lack of funds for healthcare and basic living needs.
       2) Any pregnancy that is the product of rape must be terminated. It is proven that children of rapist are more likely to commit rape and the government is trying to create a perfect society where rape does not exist.
      3) Any fetus found to be not viable or have a genetic abnormality must be terminated. The government is working towards a perfect society, and these genetic abnormalities cause stress on the society financially and just do not fit in to the perfect world they believe in.
      4) Any wanted abortion is allowed due to a problem of overpopulation.
      Now, imagine you are a Christian woman living in this world.
      Scenario 1: You just found out you are pregnant, but you are not married. You go to the doctor for prenatal care and the doctor realizes you are not married. He then forces to you to terminate your pregnancy because that is the law.
      Scenario 2: You are raped by a man while married. You choose to carry the child anyway. While doing the genetic testing that the government requires, they realize that the baby is not your husband’s. You then admit that you had been raped but did not report it for fear of the law. Due to the doctor having to follow the governments ruling and for his fear of losing his license, he forces you to terminate the pregnancy.
      Scenario 3: You are happily married and carrying your first child. You go in for your anatomy screening at 20 weeks. The doctor notices that your child has a genetic abnormality. Because of the current laws, he is forced to perform the abortion.
      As a Christian woman, your belief is that life begins at conception and that you should continue the pregnancy in each of the above scenarios. Unfortunately, the laws are forced upon you and you are given no choice.
      To avoid the law, maybe you hide the pregnancy that is product of rape. You avoid the doctor when you realize that you are pregnant outside of wedlock. What comes then?
      You are forced to go without the healthcare you deserve. You are forced to deliver your child illegally by someone that is not certified in an alley or maybe a basement.
      You have to hide the child because of the decision you made. You don’t tell your friends for fear of their judgement. You are living with anxiety and fear of being prosecuted for making a decision you believe was the best.
      There are people fighting for your right to choose in the above situations. They are fighting the system. They believe that just because the majority of the nation believes in a perfect society does not mean their beliefs should be forced upon everyone. There is hope for a choice one day, but for right now, you are without one.
      Wouldn’t you have wanted a choice? Wouldn’t you want the right to decide whether or not you carry that child? Aren’t you angry and frustrated that the views of others are being forced upon you?
      Would you then agree that women deserve the right to choose what they do with their bodies? Would you then understand that there are people who do not believe what you believe? Would you wish that there was a true separation between someone’s personal beliefs and the government?
      Would you then be pro-choice?
Back to reality:
      There is a reason the separation of church and state exists. We as humans all have different beliefs regardless of our religion. Stop forcing your views upon everyone. Love thy neighbor regardless of their sin or their beliefs.
      “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Matthew 7:3
      Realize that by making abortion illegal, you would force women into something just because of your beliefs.
      And, please, be a decent human being and stop judging another person. God forbid they knew your darkest secret and judged you for it.