by madisonfluscombe

The Person Writing

DSC_9844.jpgHi there! If you have found my page, I truly hope it is not because you have also experienced the loss of a child. Hopefully, you cannot relate to anything I have written. If you can, I am so sorry. I am riding this roller coaster of loss with you. My name is Madison Luscombe, wife to Courtland Luscombe and mom to Peanut (our angel) and Sawyer Luscombe. I started writing to help me through the grief. I found out on June 30, 2016 that my first baby was very sick with hydrops. A week later, July 7, 2016, I lost my first child. I am learning how to move through this world with a child above and a child in my arms. If you are on this journey with me, please feel free to reach out or connect with me on any of my social media sites. I would love to speak with you. My Lord is walking me through this each and every day, and I believe He has pushed me to keep talking. To strangers, friends and myself (apparently). I hope you enjoy my writing. Feel free to share. Much love.

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